11 Facebook Tips You Need To Know In 2013

Are you a big Facebook user? Here are 11 tips that everyone on Facebook needs to know while using the social network:

1) How To Create A Facebook Account:

2) How To Download Facebook Videos:

3) How To Cancel Facebook Friend Request:

4) How To Change Your Name On Facebook:

5) How To Block Someone On Facebook:

6) How To Unblock Someone On Facebook:

7) How To Change Facebook Password:

8) How To Post A Youtube Video To Facebook:

9) How To Change Your Birthday On Facebook:

10) How To Contact Facebook:

And of course, last but not least, if you’re tired of facebook, this next one is specifically for you:

11) How To Delete Facebook Account:


Hope that helps. We’ll update this post with more facebook tips as we get them!


How To Delete Twitter Account

To continue our account deletion series, in which we’ve already covered how to delete an instagram account and how to delete a facebook account, we’ll now cover how to delete twitter.

Watch the video below for quick step-by-step instructions on how to delete twitter account: