How To Download Youtube Videos!

Ever watched a Youtube video and wanted to download it? Well now you can very simply! Watch the video below to learn how to download Youtube videos┬áin 2013 – instantly!


11 Facebook Tips You Need To Know In 2013

Are you a big Facebook user? Here are 11 tips that everyone on Facebook needs to know while using the social network:

1) How To Create A Facebook Account:

2) How To Download Facebook Videos:

3) How To Cancel Facebook Friend Request:

4) How To Change Your Name On Facebook:

5) How To Block Someone On Facebook:

6) How To Unblock Someone On Facebook:

7) How To Change Facebook Password:

8) How To Post A Youtube Video To Facebook:

9) How To Change Your Birthday On Facebook:

10) How To Contact Facebook:

And of course, last but not least, if you’re tired of facebook, this next one is specifically for you:

11) How To Delete Facebook Account:


Hope that helps. We’ll update this post with more facebook tips as we get them!